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The “mental game” is increasingly recognized as central to elite performance in both sports and life.  While performance and sport psychology is highly utilized in college athletics and professional life, it gets little attention in high school where the need is just as great. 

The EMERGE Performance and Sport Psychology program is focused on helping students understand and utilize decades of clinical research and knowledge around what it takes to perform at a peak level in any area of performance, including academics, sports, dance, drama and life.  

Teacher Helping Student Playing Violin
Basketball Practice

We are currently developing curriculum for  SportPsych 101 and 201, six-week psychoeducational classes for high school athletes.  We also hope to develop a Performance Psychology class based on the same core material.

Currently, we offer individual performance coaching and therapy to help students work on specific issues of concern.  For more information, contact Lawrence Shweky, LCSW, at


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